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1 metre lengths

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90 Degree Trims sold in packs of 1 Metre / 10 Metre or 50 Metre

25 Degree Trims sold in individual 1 Metre lengths

Angle Sides 9mm x 16mm

Thickness:     .55 MM


Colours Available:

Basalt, a dark grey color with a slightly blue tint.

Classic Cream, a Creamy, warm color, with a yellow undertone

Cottage Green, a darker shade of green

Cove, a pale, murky green-brown colour

Deep Ocean, a darker blue colour

Dover White: a soft neutral white colour

Dune, a light sandy beige color that has a slightly dirty undertone.

Evening Haze, a light gray color with a subtle blue tint.

Gully, a light brown colour, similar to Jasper, but lighter Ironstone, a deep shade of blue-grey

Jasper, a medium-dark brown colour

Mangrove, a light Green colour with hints of gray and brown, similar to Pale Eucalypt with slightly dirty look

Manor Red, a dark and vibrant shade of red

Monument, a very dark grey colour, Similar to Woodland Grey, but darker

Night Sky, a solid black colour

Pale Eucalypt, a light mist green colour, similar to Mangrove but with a cleaner, lighter tone

Paperbark, Similar to classic cream, but with a sandy colour instead

Shale Grey, a very light grey, close to Surfmist, but with a light grey tone

Surfmist, an off-white colour

Terrain, a dark earthy tone ,”red dirt” type of colour

Wallaby, a medium, earthy grey, its an eastern grey kangaroo or koala colour

Windspray, a light blue-grey color, resembling a cloudy day

Woodland, a dark grey with a slight touch of green

Zinc, a shiny metalic Aluminum/Zinc coating

Additional information

Weight 5.75 kg

Basalt, Classic Cream, Cottage Green, Cove, Deep Ocean, Dover White, Dune, Evening Haze, Gully, Ironstone, Jasper, Mangrove, Manor Red, Monument, Night Sky, Pale Eucalypt, Paperbark, Shale Grey, Surfmist, Terrain, Wallaby, Windspray, Woodland Grey, Zinc

Pack Size

1 Metre, 10 Metre, 50 Metre

90 Degree or Flat Trims

90 Degree, Flat Trims ( 25 Degree )