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Fitting a good quality gutter guard will dramatically improve the quality of water being collected for water tanks. (Less contamination = Better water quality).

Pro-Guard Gutter Protection completely covers the gutter, separating water and debri before it gets into your gutter.

This keeps leaves completely out of your gutter to prevent rotting vegetation from breaking down and ending up in your water tank.

The Pro-Guard mesh has been designed with an optimum aperture size (hole size) designed small enough to keep out 99% of debri, whilst being large enough to prevent water sheeting over the mesh during heavy downpours for maximum water collection.

This aperture size also allows airflow and light into gutters which can prevent the mould and mildew build-up that some fine aperture and poly/plastic gutter guards can cause.

A quality Aluminium Gutter Guard will not only outlast other Metal or Poly/Plastic gutter guards, but will also not break down or leave rust in your water tanks.